Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lord Is My Light

October 2011 brought huge change.  Cheryl Polson (who I didn't know very well at the time, but is now another bestie) came to my house, worked on a random project with me, and I was pretty certain at that time that she would be called as the next Young Women's President in our ward.  Just a hunch...and then another strong hunch that the two of us would be working together with these amazing girls.  The hunch turned out to be right, and Cheryl and I were called into the Young Women's Presidency with our dear friend Heidi Spencer in October.  While I was really sad to be leaving Primary after so many years, I was excited for something new.

While I was being set apart, Brother Noll mentioned something about making music for the Young Women.  Sorry Jason, I don't remember exactly what was said, but it was electrifying at the time.  I hadn't thought of it, but YES!  Of COURSE we will be making music together!

The first opportunity came not long after as we were meeting as a new Young Women's Presidency discussing a quickly approaching Young Women in Excellence Program in November.  The Young Women had already been practicing "The Lord is my Light" for the occasion.  Theme for the night was "Shine!".  When I heard they were singing it straight out of the hymn book (disclaimer...totally nothing wrong with singing out of the hymn book!!) I asked if Cheryl would be ok with my playing around with an accompaniment that could freshen it up a bit.  No promises. 

I sat down with it that afternoon, and just as ALWAYS happens when something is right and meant to be, it came very quickly.  I got to the chorus and had another lightning bolt moment.  "This Little Light of Mine" might just fit in this chorus, and furthermore, it might fit singing both choruses at the same time...and LASTLY, "I'm gonna let it SHINE" totally works for the theme, right?!?! 

Once again, hearing our amazing young women sing this arrangement for the first time that Sunday was such an incredible experience.  We have some young women who can really, really sing.  When they split at the end in the two choruses, it was magic!

The Young Women did sing it at Young Women in Excellence in November, and it was a beautiful way to end the night.  They also sang it in Sacrament Meeting a few months later for a special musical number.

P.S. I entered this arrangement in the 2012 LDS Church Song Contest.  Winners will be notified in July.  I'm not hoping to hope is that one day I will receive an honorable mention!  :-)

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