Monday, October 22, 2012

We'll Cross That Bridge When We Get There

How many times have we used THAT phrase??  Well...the bridge needs crossing, people.  THIS happened today:

This week is looking totally different now.  Many of you know that my husband, Paul works for the San Francsico Giants.  Yay...totally cool...he's livin' the dream, right?  Well, when the team goes to the World Series, the Giants charter a plane and take the whole front office with them.  Which is so awesome and cool...EXCEPT WHEN IT'S TIME FOR OUR TOTALLY AWESOME GIRL TRIP TO UTAH!!

So, I told Paul weeks ago when I bought my plane ticket to SLC that if the Giants go to the World Series, we're getting a babysitter for the kids while he's gone at the AL Champ home games...which is, of course Detroit...why it couldn't have been NYC...that would have been WAY better!

Enter Ashley and Will Howes...probably the nicest people on the planet. 

They have agreed to come stay with the kids for the weekend.  They're amazing.  And she's a preschool's PERFECT! 

Now I just have to go pick out the perfect outfit for the World Series Gala we suddenly heard about that will take place tomorrow night in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel.  I mean...housewife from Tracy with 5 kids can't look all frumpy now, can she?

It's going to be a wild ride this week....

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