Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Friendly Beasts - NEW Christmas Arrangement!

See the sheet music here!

Christmas 2012, our Young Women's organization was in charge of planning our Hidden Lake Ward's Annual Christmas Party.  We decided on a "Back to Bethlehem" party.  The following "Decree" was distributed a few weeks before the party with the Sacrament Meeting Programs:

By order of his Royal Majesty, the Emperor Caesar Augustus, it is decreed that all the world is to be counted and taxed.
Therefore, let each person and family come for "A NIGHT IN BETHLEHEM" to be taxed according to law.
Donkeys must be tied on the east side of the building and enter through the proper gate.
Everyone must be dressed in Biblical attire to enter the city. (We later had the Bishopric announce that we only encourage dressing don't have to!)
Bring a blanket for your family to rest on from your long journey, you may find that the inn is full.
Each family will be assessed taxes. Watch for tax notices.  (We had each family bring canned goods to be donated to the local food bank.)
A light supper will be available in the open market.
All taxing will take place on the date, time and place shown in the lower corner. Those disobeying this law to appear, will be sentenced to a holiday season without the true spirit of Christmas.
So let it be written. So let it be done.
After everyone had finished eating, we had a live Nativity.  I had asked Debbie Fox, our Primary Chorister to have the children learn a song or two to sing for the Nativity.  Debbie is FABULOUS and always has the coolest ideas.  Sure enough, she called me a couple weekends before the party and said she had some inspiration.  

Debbie came over and pitched "The Friendly Beasts" idea.  She was the one who came up with the "Noels" in between the verses, as well as using "The First Noel" at the end and finishing phrase.  All I had to do was arrange it.  Once again, I was electrified, and I knew IMMEDIATELY that this was truly inspired, and that if I would start it, it would come quickly.

I sat down with it on Tuesday morning while all the kiddos were at school.  It took 3 mornings to finish it, and I was able to deliver it to the Primary the following Sunday for our one-and-only rehearsal before the Ward Party!  The really cool part is that Debbie had found picture books of "The Friendly Beasts" story in the $1 section at Target, so she bought 25 of them.  That way, the Primary kids didn't need to memorize the words.  They could just hold the book like a choir, huh?!?!

The kids loved it.  Seriously, our Primary is probably the best Primary in the whole church.  These kids are incredibly musical.  They LOVE to be taken seriously.  They love a challenge.  Every time we've given them an arrangement to sing, they beg to do it over and over again. I love childrens' enthusiasm for music!

Rachel and Tim Young as Mary and Joseph, and their real live baby as Baby Jesus!
Yes, I know I'm not wearing Bethlehem attire...dude...I can't sew on a would I make a costume?!?!

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  1. we are loving this arrangement!! thank you!! I wish I could find a recording or video of it, though - a couple of my people would benefit from having it outside rehearsal time!