Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pause the Music!

Instead of spending all my "free" time writing music, I've been spending the last 10 weeks doing THIS:

We love you, Shaun-T!!

When I set out on this journey, my goal was to become more FIT.  I didn't have any weight to lose, but let's just say that having 5 babies wasn't the most attractive swimsuit season look.  
So I turned to my friend and trainer, Sherie Linford (check out her fitness blog!).  She recommended the program to me in the first place and offered an online accountability group, nutrition coaching, psychological help...ok, maybe not THAT formal, but hey...we all have food issues, right??  Weekly, I weighed in and measured at her house to track my progress.

After 10 weeks of sweating my eyeballs out, here's the stats: 

Total inches lost - 10.75
Body Fat Decrease - 4%
Pounds of Fat Lost - 6.5
Muscle Gained - 2.5 lbs

Here's what 6.5 pounds of fat looks like!

My husband even did the program with me.  He's looking FABULOUS, if you want to know.  OK, maybe you didn't.  I don't know what his stats are cause it's not a manly thing to weigh and measure, ok?  He'd have to turn in his Man-Card.  But even HE had fun doing it.  

My T25 Review?  It's as simple as this: ANYONE can do ANYTHING for 25 minutes.  It's hard.  But it's fun.  And Shaun-T is SUPER motivating.  Go buy it NOW.  Start your New Year's Resolution early.  By swimsuit season, you'll be super hot.  

Go to Sherie's BeachBody site to order.  Click on "Shop Team BeachBody".  Then click on "Challenge Packs" on the left side of your screen cause you're going to want to try that Shakeology.  It's definitely the most delicious protein shake I've ever tried...literally, it tastes like brownie batter.  Not joking.  I'm very serious about my food.

Lastly, my ode to Sherie.  Thank you for believing in me even when I didn't.  Thank you for showing me I CAN.  Thank you for helping me love my body.  This program has empowered me in so many areas of my family, my faith, my finances, my business.  I feel like I can do just about anything.  I have learned SO much about myself in these short 10 weeks.  I'll love you forever!

I think it's time to make time for music again.  Cause who doesn't love Christmas carols?!?!

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