Hark, All Ye Nations!

"Hark, All Ye Nations!" is a vocal arrangement for Youth or Primary Children and incorporates "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission." 

There is no audio sample available for this arrangement...print the music, grab your favorite pianist, and give it a go!

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love collaborating with AWESOME PEOPLE!!   Debbie Fox (the genius behind "The Power to Choose" and "The Friendly Beasts") asked if I might consider arranging "Hark, All Ye Nations!" for the Primary Program this fall.  Need she ask?!?!

Let's start this off by saying that I am NOT, by ANY MEANS a morning person.  Don't talk to me within one hour of waking up.  

OK, that's out in the open.  So when I tell you that the day after Debbie pitched me this latest project, I woke up in my bed BRIGHT EYED AND BUSHY-TAILED...you'll know that's seriously unusual, right?  Well, I did.  My thoughts immediately went to this new project.

I need to wake up in my bed like that more often, cause I'll tell you what: I arranged the entire introduction IN. MY. BED. that morning.  That may seem like no big deal to all my fabulously talented musical friends, but it's somewhat of a miracle to me.  

Next step?  Call every member on my Board of Directors to be sure that this crazy idea that popped into my head (combining "Hark" with "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission") wasn't totally tacky.  Not tacky.  Moving on. 

This arrangement has been not only the funnest (now a word...go look it up) arrangement to work on, but I'd put it at the top of the "Totally Inspirational Experiences" list.  Once again, this arrangement happened quickly.  Because it was right.  I've said so many times in so many of these stories that when something is right, it just works.  

Seriously Special Thanks goes to Newel Kay Brown who originally wrote "I Hope They Call Me On a Mission."  I contacted Brother Brown to obtain permission to include this arrangement on this site and make it available for download.  Typically, a royalty fee would be assessed per download of the song.  Brother Brown not only gave me permission, but told me he didn't require any royalties, and wanted my arrangement to be "freely performed as often as possible."  If you've made it this far into my novel of a story, please leave a comment in the comments section telling Brother Brown how his song has impacted your life.  Because seriously, you guys...who didn't sing that song in Primary at least a half-a-dozen times a year when you were knee-high-to-a-grasshopper??

I learned that "Hark, All Ye Nations" is a beloved hymn of the German Saints.  The text was written by Louis F. Moench (1847-1916), a German who immigrated to Chicago with his family as a young man.  He graduated from college in Chicago and headed out west to be a teacher in California.  He stopped off in Salt Lake City and...well...the Mormons killed 'im with kindness, and he couldn't help but join the Church, right??  He eventually returned to Germany on a mission and wrote the hymn, "Hark, All Ye Nations!"

Of course, Moench wrote the hymn in GERMAN.  It is my understanding that this is President Uchtdorf's favorite hymn...and being that I am TOTALLY TEAM UCHTDORF...well, I decided to make a German version of my arrangement as well.  It's not done yet.  Special thanks goes to my big brother, Jonathan Cutting, who is living in Hannover, Germany with his wife and 4 adorable children as we speak.  He is working with the choir director in his ward to hammer out some of the text for the end of the song.  I don't speak any German aside from "nein" and " Edelweiss".  

Interesting piece of information...Brother Brown served his mission in Germany!  In find that slightly ironic.

The Primary Children in our ward will be learning this arrangement a little later in the year.  I can't tell you how excited I am to hear those amazing kids sing this for the first time.  It's going to be SO COOl!

Lastly, I'm pretty sure I'm submitting this one for the 2013 LDS Song Contest under the Hymn Arrangements category.  Deadline to submit is March 31, 2013, so we'll see...I'll keep you posted!


  1. Just a question: It says that the English version was updated March 29th, however, I can't tell the difference. Was anything changed?


    1. I changed the very last phrase of the song. I checked the link to be sure it really has the latest version, and it does. It's only slight, but it makes difference. :-)

  2. Is Hark All Ye Nations still available to print?

    1. I'll email you a pdf if you email me at egiuliacci@gmail.com. I'm having issues with my online cloud! Grrrrr....