He Lives!

"He Lives!" is a Christmas medley  ("Little Jesus", "Jesus Loves Me", "I Know that My Redeemer Lives") for choral/congregational.  It may also be used for primary children.  

Because one of the songs is still under copyright, "He Lives!" is an arrangement I need to charge $1 for to pay royalty fees.  It's a great deal, though, because it comes with three other compositions I've put together as practice pieces.  This includes "Little Jesus", "Jesus Loves Me", and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives".  Buy it in my new store here!

As of Sept 3, 2012, I have removed the story behind this song from the site.  I find it really odd that weird websites (and by weird, I mean porn) are accessing my site and that the majority of those hits are happening with this particular post.  I would say more, but I think you can guess my feelings on that.

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